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Kevin is an established actor based in California. When he isn’t adorning our screens as Brooks Avery in Lethal Weapon, he can be found relaxing on the golf course. Kevin’s character on Lethal Weapon is one where he has a huge backstory, which we need to see developed in further seasons – flashbacks as he partnered with Murtaugh. The series has taken the TV world by storm, garnering a huge following and devoted fanbase. Kevin is one of those who people have been drawn to. His charming looks, and charismatic personality come over on this interview, and I am sure that you will enjoy watching/listening

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    Thanks for the feedback Tonya. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I am looking forward to talking with Johnathan too hahaha – hopefully these will just be the start of more from this excellent series too.

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    Robert Fleming

    Hey Chris-I had to go back and re-watch Kevin Rahm’s interview, and it didn’t hit me the first time, but as I’m watching it this time around, you spoke about your time as a pro wrestler, and your accident… word comes to mind, OUCH!!!!!!! I must admit, I’ve always thought of pro wrestling as FAKE, but listening to you tell your story, I stand corrected! U were smart to get out of that with your life and your health, when you did! HAHA. Hey once again, great interview with Kevin, I guess the one question I would’ve liked to have asked him is, when he said he lives in N. California, near San Francisco, when he’s not on set, and since I live up here too, I was curious as to where he does live. If you get the chance to chat with him again, I’d appreciate if you’d pass that along. Thank you sir

    • Avatar

      Hey Robert – glad you rewatched it and like it! It was a good one! haha yes, at the age of 38 at the time, I was the oldest trainee in the school, and loved every minute of it, sad it had to stop, but I think I would have done myself more harm! hahaha. Sure, I’ll ask him! 🙂

      • Avatar
        Robert Fleming

        So I understand you were able to get an interview with ‘Martin Riggs’ himself, Clayne Crawford. Or did I misunderstand? That would be so cool, Damon Wayans too. Can’t wait to see those interviews! Please let me know. Thanks

        • Avatar

          Hi Robert
          That’s correct 🙂 He has agreed to come on when they start filming for Season 2. Matt Miller has also agreed. I hope to get Damon too, and the others, but time will tell! Thanks for the support as always!

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