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Arthur Egeli started working on Murder in the Cape 13 years ago. The story of Christa Worthington’s murder intrigued him. A successful woman, Christa fell in love with a local fisherman in a small town in Cape Cod. This guy was married…and that’s only some of the intrigue. Arthur is a man who has a true passion for his work, so much so that he lives in the town where this happened. His dedication to telling the story, but keeping sensitivities is beyond compare. I was lucky enough on the call to see the location for myself, but unfortunately due to technical issues, I can only present the audio,

MURDER ON THE CAPE is based on the true story of

New York fashion writer Christa Worthington, who has an affair with a married fisherman while spending a winter holiday in Cape Cod. She returns two years later with his child looking to rekindle their love. When she is found murdered, a mystery unfolds within the tight-knit community, shedding doubt on the prime suspect’s guilt.

“The heart of the story is that there were all these personal struggles that you cannot read in a book about the crime,” director Arthur Egeli says. “You don’t get to see how everything affects each other, so we produced a narrative film about the characters who all had unique perspectives.”

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Can You Buy Xanax In India, Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight

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