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“This is the most engaging interview I have ever done – Saila Kariat”

The Valley is a captivating film which takes you on an emotional and suspenseful journey following a father trying to find answers to his daughters suicide. The film explores mental health and how it affects people from those who are suffering to those who are around the sufferer.

What Saila has done is ingenious, and a fantastic way to bring mental health awareness into the mainstream. Her work stirs in the viewer a sense of familiaritiy with many of the emotions and scenarios which the characters go through. It is a brilliant way to reach those who may be sadly going through depression, anxiety or other mental health issues and allow them to see they are not alone and that there is help.

I hope you enjoy the chat I had with Saila and Mark Busby, of Film Volt Ltd, who are distributing the film in the UK, US and India. I had a thoroughly enlightening talk with them and hope this comes across.

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Alprazolam Prescription Online, Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

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