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IT’S HERE!!! Clayne Crawford, who has taken action TV to a whole new level was kind enough to spare me some time to have a chat and some laughs and answer some fan questions and talk about The Clayne Crawford Foundation. As Riggs in Lethal Weapon he wows us with the action, contrasting his role in Rectify. As Clayne Crawford he is immensely popular with fans for his genuine love for them and for the foundation which he and his wife Kiki founded. Sit back and enjoy as Clayne and I, and a surprise guest presenter, chat and laugh and even here some muppet impressions!

Photos: Darleen St Amant Harris, Lezli Lincoln, April Jones; Kody Pemberton, UACVA; Ross Patterson, Michael Raymond-James, Clayne Crawford and the Clayne Crawford Foundation

5 Replies to “Lethal Weapon with Clayne Crawford Riggs on Lethal Weapon

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  2. Avatar
    Linda West

    If you are gone from Lethal Weapon, I’m done with Fox and Warner Brothers. You are an amazing actor and so much more to give to this show. If its true I will miss my favorite actor next to Elvis, except you are still alive.

  3. Avatar

    Warner brothers you should rehire Clayne Crawford back on lethal weapon he’s a good actor for Riggs , hopefully there is another season with Clayne Crawford. Come on now everyone makes mistakes that is what makes us human

  4. Avatar
    Sarah Marks

    Fab interview here, amazing actor. Tv shows mean long hours on set & passion to do your best work. DW making untrue vile comments after CC Instagram apology, was disgusting 😡 Shame it didn’t stop media publishing that utter crap though… @Monica1236 on twitter article will be the actual TRUTH.

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