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SEAL Team with Neil Brown Jr SEAL Team, Straight Outta Compton, Dirk Gently

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SEAL Team is, in my opinion, the hottest TV show out there. I have said also that I believe it is a modern Band of Brothers. Neil Brown Jr is no stranger to the screen. With many credits to his name in hit shows such as CSI:Cyber, NCIS LA, films like Battlefield Los Angeles and his excellent portrayal in award winning Straight Outta Compton, Neil is one of the most versatile and dedicated actors out there and a deeply spiritual soul...

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SEAL Team with Ruffin Prentiss SEAL Team

Ruffin Prentiss is an acclaimed actor of stage and screen. Spending his time split between his home in New York and LA, he loves acting of any form. In the summer months he likes to land himself a role in a good play, being in one of the most famous theatre cities of the world. He came to my attention in Season 2 of CBS’s SEAL Team, starring David Boreanaz...

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SEAL Team with Justin Melnick SEAL Team

Justin Melnick is a man with a fascinating career. He has spent time as a police officer as well as a combat photographer out in Afghanistan. He has experienced the horror of war as well as the toughness of the streets in his time as a cop. It was in this job that he teamed with his best friend, Dita...

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