Murder on the Cape

MURDER ON THE CAPE, based on the 2002 Cape Cod murder of Christa Worthington. Written and directed by Arthur Egeli, MURDER ON THE CAPE is  a stunning and deeply human retelling of the case that shocked the nation.


The film stars Jade Harlow (Passions, The Bay), Josh Walther (Eugene O’Neill: Art as Life), Chris Lazzaro (Jersey Shore Massacre), Heather Egeli (Ghost Forest ) and Tim Misuradze (The Young and The Restless).


MURDER ON THE CAPE is available on Digital for a SRP

$4.99 – $9.99 Rent or Buy across all platforms and to Buy on DVD for $14.95.


MURDER ON THE CAPE is based on the true story of

New York fashion writer Christa Worthington, who has an affair with a married fisherman while spending a winter holiday in Cape Cod. She returns two years later with his child looking to rekindle their love. When she is found murdered, a mystery unfolds within the tight-knit community, shedding doubt on the prime suspect’s guilt.


“The heart of the story is that there were all these personal struggles that you cannot read in a book about the crime,” director Arthur Egeli says. “You don’t get to see how everything affects each other, so we produced a narrative film about the characters who all had unique perspectives.”


Lise Romanoff, Managing Director of Vision Films says, “It struck me while I was watching this film that there was even more to the typical ‘torn from the headlines’ movie, it is a compelling murder mystery, where a real ‘who done it’ is unfolding before our eyes in the news.”




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