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Kenny Johnson is a US actor best known for his roles as Dominique Luca on CBS’s hit show S.W.A.T. Kenny has been in many hit films and shows during his career, including many favourites of mine such as The Shield, Bates Motel and Chicago Fire. Listen as Kenny talks about his personal reasons behind the […]

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Linc Hand is an accomplished actor, starting out acting in advertisements at the age of 5! He is a Southern gentleman born and bred, now living in Tinseltown. Having appeared on many excellent shows such as Justified, NCIS, NCIS LA, Linc has successfully landed himself with a recurring role on the military show 68 Whiskey. […]

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Emily Swallow is an accomplished actress of both stage and screen, having started her acting on stage. Her love and passion for the art is evident in the way she talks of her days treading the boards and experiences she has had in the many various shows and voice artist roles.  Emily is known for […]

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Actress, producer, director and heroine of the modern-day working woman, Armida Lopez, is set to star in the action, sci-fi thriller BOSS LEVEL, alongside Frank Grillo, Academy Award-winner Mel Gibson and Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts. The time-loop thriller, written and directed by Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, Smoking Aces) follows a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran (portrayed by Frank Grillo) trapped in a never-ending loop, resulting in him […]

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The Creatress, which has it’s UK theatrical release on October 4th is a comedy drama about a bestselling author who seeks literary revenge against a critic who authors her fake memoir much to the delight of her agent (p[layed by Fran Drescher). Lindy Booth stars as Eryn Bellow, the author and the film was written […]

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The Creatress, a new film out by Jason Scott, distributed by Film Volt Media, has it’s UK red carpet theatrical release on 4th October in London. It’s a drama/comedy (or dramady) centering around the life of author Eryn Bellow (Lindy Booth). Francis is a young American actor who plays Brad, one of the key roles […]

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Luke Guldan is a US actor who has been building up an impressive list of credits. I first talked with him in 2017 about the film ADDicted, and now welcome him back to catch up about his ventures and the new film he is in – “The Creatress” which stars Lindy Booth. Luke plays Seth, […]

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Born in Venezuela, Fernando started out body building and after moving to the US ended up running his own gym by age 20. However, he felt something was missing and he was not following his dream of being an actor. He pursued this by attending classes and working very hard. He caught a break when […]

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Jus Sargeant came to my attention when I started listening to the books of (former guest) John P Logsdon and Christopher P Young. The books are fantasy comedy, based in the made up world of Ononokin and focus on various characters who co-exist there, from little giants, to wizards, elves, gnomes and more. Jus narrates […]

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Dom Lenoir, Tatjana Anders and Alexa Waugh talk about their latest films. Tatjana has just completed her first film, a short film entitled “Your Reality” which concentrates on some extremely important issues in which she has personal experience. Another fantastic storyteller passing on a message to people, Tatjana both produced and played the lead role. […]

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