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Tom is the director of the upcoming horror/sci-fi movie Pandorica which is due out in the Spring. Following on from the chats with cast members Luke D’Silva and Marc Zammit, we get an insight into…

Interview with Marc Zammit, British actor, who this year has starred as Louis in the scifi series Kosmos and also as Ares in the upcoming film Pandorica, which is described on!films/c1oto: Written & Directed…

Dave Blass was the production designer on Constantine, who was the one behind the Millhouse, which, in the opinion of many fans, and himself, was a work of art. Until I spoke with him, I…

I was fortunate enough to have an interview with Jonjo O’Neill, established RSC actor, and Gary Lester in Constantine. Listen in, as half way through I am left floored as an unexpected but most welcome…

Angelica Celaya is an actress from Tucson, Arizona but with a strong Latin American background. She is multi-lingual, speaking Spanish, English and Italian. She has appeared in many shows and films but I am bringing…

Will Campbell is an actor who has appeared in several shows. It was his appearance in Constantine Episode 11 “A Whole World Out There” as Carter, an unlucky student that brought him to my attention….

My first interview in the entertainment industry, Hillary Brant is a production assistant working on many shows in LA. She came to my attention in the fandom for Constantine, which was the NBC show starring…