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Welcome to Hellblazerbiz, the home of entertainment. Here you will find engaging and candid conversations with the stars of TV & Film. Hellblazerbiz is also proud to support the stars of tomorrow today through advocating independent film. **SITE IS UNDERGOING COMPLETE REVAMP – ALL CONTENT BEING PUBLISHED AGAIN FROM SCRATCH SO PLEASE BARE WITH ME […]

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Xanax Online Uk

Emily Swallow is an accomplished actress of both stage and screen, having started her acting on stage. Her love and passion for the art is evident in the way she talks of her days treading the boards and experiences she has had in the many various shows and voice artist roles.  Emily is known for […]

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Online Xanax

Manu Bennett is a very talented actor from New Zealand, who brought to life Crixus in the series Spartacus, as well as Azog, the Pale Orc in The Hobbit Trilogy, through to Deathstroke in Arrow and currently as the last Druid Allannon in The Shannara Chronicles on MTV. Manu is a versatile, passionate man, which […]

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Online Xanax Overnight Shipping

Ryan Gage is am accomplished actor both of stage and screen. He will be familiar to most people as the weasel Aflrid, assistant to the Master of Laketown in The Hobbit and as the regent King Louis from the BBC show The Musketeers. Ryan also appeared in one of my favourite shows – Red Dwarf!

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Xanax Uk Order

Christopher Berry is a very versatile actor, having been in many films and shows, including 12 Years a Slave and working with Tarantino on Django Unchained. More recently seen in Salem and The Walking Dead, Chris and I had a good chat.

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Buy Xanax India Online

Interview with Jed Brophy, known for his roles in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Sharku, the Warg Rider and a Black Rider, and for his role as Nori, one of the dwarfs in Thorin’s band in The Hobbit. Jed is an accomplished actor, rider, and generally great guy. I hope you all enjoy

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Order Alprazolam Online Uk

Bringing to you another Constantine interview. This time with the much loved Emmett J Scanlan. Emmett has starred in many hit series, as well as Constantine, such as Beowulf, due out in January 2016 and The Fall, for which Series 3 is currently filming.

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Order Xanax Pills Online

Charlie Halford is an accomplished LA based actor. He is very versatile in his roles. He came to my attention for his role as John Constantine’s best friend Chaz, in NBC Constantine show. He has also appeared in top shows such as Agents of SHIELD, Rectify, NCIS, Supergirl, Lucifer etc as well as voicing characters […]

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Buy Xanax Pakistan

Interview with Marc Zammit, British actor, who this year has starred as Louis in the scifi series Kosmos and also as Ares in the upcoming film Pandorica, which is described on!films/c1oto: Written & Directed by Tom Paton. Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, Ares and Thade are all in […]

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