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Actress, producer, director and heroine of the modern-day working woman, Armida Lopez, is set to star in the action, sci-fi thriller BOSS LEVEL, alongside Frank Grillo, Academy Award-winner Mel Gibson and Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts. The time-loop thriller, written and directed by Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, Smoking…

The Creatress, which has it’s UK theatrical release on October 4th is a comedy drama about a bestselling author who seeks literary revenge against a critic who authors her fake memoir much to the delight…

The Creatress, a new film out by Jason Scott, distributed by Film Volt Media, has it’s UK red carpet theatrical release on 4th October in London. It’s a drama/comedy (or dramady) centering around the life…

Luke Guldan is a US actor who has been building up an impressive list of credits. I first talked with him in 2017 about the film ADDicted, and now welcome him back to catch up…

Born in Venezuela, Fernando started out body building and after moving to the US ended up running his own gym by age 20. However, he felt something was missing and he was not following his…

Dom Lenoir, Tatjana Anders and Alexa Waugh talk about their latest films. Tatjana has just completed her first film, a short film entitled “Your Reality” which concentrates on some extremely important issues in which she…

I chat with the talented, engaging and gorgeous Brittney Rose one of the stars of 2019 Temptation Island. Brittney, a spiritual yoga retreat owner and single on the show, finds herself relying heavily on her…

I chat with the amazing actress Justina Adorno, who can be seen on ABC’s Grand Hotel premiering on June 17th, where she stars as Yoli, the daughter to Gigi.  Executive produced by Eva Longoria, the series…